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When Danika Merrick gets fired on her birthday, she returns home to find her loving family who cheer her up with a private surprise party. Although her job trouble continues to plague her, all seems right with her three wonderful children and her loving husband. However her fears for her children’s future begin to overwhelm her. The dangers of modern-day society seep into her consciousness and nothing she can do will stop them.

Until one day when Danika sees a young girl and then hears of her murder only to realize that she is the only one to hear that broadcast as her murder had not yet occurred. Convinced that she must have mistaken, Danika dismisses the premonition. It happens again when she predicts her neighbor’s dog will drown and it is found in the pool the next day. Finally when she pulls a decapitated head out of her grocery bag that turns out to be a head of lettuce, Danika convinces her husband, Randy to take her to a hospital.

A therapist questions her and Randy’s previous affair to the children’s nanny is revealed. Danika insists that all that is behind them and her and Randy are in better shape than ever. Initially this therapy helps her as Danika is forced to confront her phobias about life and its inherent risks. Leaving with a prescription, Danika feels that her life will shortly return to normal.

As she goes to discuss a book she finds inappropriate with her daughter’s teacher, Danika discovers that the teacher is the woman whose head she thought she saw in the grocery bag. As Danika rushes out panicked, the teacher follows only to have workmen drop a sheet of glass above her, which shears the teacher’s head off perfectly. It’s almost as if she’s being deliberately proven correct in her fears.

Danika desperately attempts to hang on to her sanity. But the therapist, her husband, the drugs… none of them explain the disasters she is predicting. When her visions range from a deadly sickness striking her son to a nuclear bomb in Manhattan, Danika starts taking refuge in memories of days when her kids were younger and begins to hideout in her bedroom away from the world until a series of mysterious phone calls pulls her out and she discovers the biggest horror of all.

Ultimately Danika is a horror film that pits this mother against the world and explores the atmosphere of fear that we all live in.

DANIKA had its world premiere at CineVegas and was an Official Selection of both theAFI FEST and San Diego Film Festival, where it took home Best Feature Film and Best Actress for Regina Hall

Cast: Marisa Tomei, Craig Bierko, Regina Hall, Kyle Gallner, Nicki Prian, Ridge Canipe, Bailey Hughes
Producers: Mark Roberts, Lorena David, Michael Urbanski, John F. K. Parenteau
Associate Producer: Max Velez
Writer: Joshua Leibner
Director: Ariel Vromen

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