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Dark Ride

Upon returning to LA after producing Strangers With Candy, Mark and Lorena were asked to Executive Produce this horror-thriller directed by Craig Singer and written by Singer and Robert Dean Klein. It was selected to play at the 8 Films To Die For film festival, being one of the first 8 films to be in the 8 Films To Die For films series.

Synopsis: Ten years after two girls were brutally murdered while on the "Dark Ride"; at a local amusement park, a group of five spring breakers on a road trip decide to make a detour to see the ride for themselves. Liz (Jennifer Tisdale), Bill (Renna), Steve (David Clayton Rogers), Jen (Andrea Bogart), and Jim (Alex Solowitz) find their way inside the park, while Cathy (Sigler) decides to stay behind in the van. As they wander around the abandoned ride, they quickly discover that they are not alone. After Jen is beheaded, the others attempt to flee the park. Unable to escape the ride, the murders continue and the ride's horror theming becomes a little too real. As Cathy searches for the identity of the murderer, she discovers that perhaps one amongst the group has been lying to them.

Behind the scenes:  Much of the film was shot inside of the buildings on Universal Studio’s New York Street as well as on the Santa Monica pier. One of Roberts/David favorite actresses Jamie-Lynn Sigler starred.

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