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Lorena David


Lorena David Esguerra is a “triple threat” having produced, directed and edited on many of Roberts/David’s films and television projects. Beginning her film training at UCSD, Lorena ran the student production company HardCore Films and quickly became an indie film producer upon landing in Hollywood.

Within 2 years she partnered up with Mark Roberts and never looked back. She has directed four feature films;
Extreme Dating
and been a producer on eight others.

When Roberts/David turned to television production Lorena not only Executive Produced “My Ride Rules” series for SPEED and the “Ghostly Lovers” special for Travel Channel, she directed also Ghostly Lovers and directed and edited the My Ride Rules pilot. Her editing expertise is used on almost every project she works on and has edited on shows for SPIKE, E! VH1, FoodNetwork, Bravo, TLC and A&E.

Lorena’s hands-on approach to producing and content generation combines perfectly with Mark Roberts’ deal-making and financing expertise making Roberts/David unstoppable producing duo.

Memorable on-set moment: “I was so gung-ho to be a producer on Plump Fiction — the first feature we had set up — I was on set everyday from Call to Wrap. When they asked for a ‘stand in’ for Julie Brown, I readily agreed and found myself on my knees ass up in the air for the scene when Johnny Vega brings her back to life by stabbing her with a huge syringe in the buttocks. I learned not to volunteer anymore.”


Lorena David - executive producer, director, editor

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